Helpful tips for choosing a reading tutor

Now that you have decided that your child needs a tutor, here are some things you should look for when choosing that person who will be helping your child increase their confidence level in reading and also help them to improve their reading skills. First, let me give you a quick definition of the word tutor.  A tutor is a private teacher, usually, someone who teaches one student or a very small group. The reason why I wanted to define tutor was not to insult your intelligence, but just to remind you and me that a real tutor takes their job seriously just like your child’s regular teacher does and they understand the important role they have in helping your child succeed! Secondly, please do not expect the tutor to get your child at the reading level they should be by themselves. Remember tutoring just like teaching is a partnership between the child, the tutor and the parents/caregivers. If all of us are doing our part and working together to help your child improve their reading skills, then your child will definitely get the results that we were working so hard on to achieve!

Five things you should look for when choosing a tutor

  1. Be specific about what your child needs help with. For example, if your child struggles with understanding what they are reading then simply let the tutor know just that. Remember being clear about what your child needs, helps to keep the sessions focused, and not all over the place.

2. Ask the tutor how much experience do they have in their area of tutoring. This is very important because you are trying to find out as much information you possibly can to make sure the tutor has knowledge of the subject they are in tutoring in. Remember a tutor does not have to be a teacher or have a college degree but, they should have some level of expertise in the subject in which they tutor.

3. Ask the tutor if you could sit in on the tutoring session. This is very important because as much as a person may have expertise, experience or even recommendations you want to make sure that your child and tutor will be a great fit.  Majority of the tutoring experience is how well your child and the tutor connect with each other. Remember you must “connect before you correct”.

4. Even though you don’t just rely on recommendations and word of mouth that is definitely a great place to start. Ask someone who you know really places great value in their child’s education about where to find a great tutor for your child. Majority of the time you will surely find a winning tutor for your child when you ask someone whose opinion you value and trust.

5. Last but, not least you need to ask the tutor “how much do you charge”? This is very important because you need to know not only can you afford to pay the fee but what do the tutoring services include and what results are you expecting. Unfortunately, I’ve heard about families that have paid for tutoring services but, did not get the help they were looking for and also I’ve heard of stories from tutors that people do not expect to pay for the high-quality service that their child is receiving.

These are just a few important things you should think about and discuss with your potential tutor for your child.