What kind of reader is your child?

There are four types of readers that were identified in a research article called Profiles of Motivation for Reading Among African American and Caucasian students by John T. Guthrie, Cassandra S. Coddington, and Allan Wigfield. There was a wealth of information in this article but, the main thing I wanted to share with you all was the four types of readers that were identified in their research. I thought this would be helpful because when you can identify what type of reading  traits your child has then you will know if your child is doing great when it comes to reading or if they are struggling and that they may need some reading intervention.

Avid Reader: These Readers have both satisfaction of being intrinsically motivated for reading and is responsible when it comes to school readings. This group will have the strongest reading comprehension.

Ambivalent Reader: These Readers have a profile of possessing intrinsic motivation for some texts but, not for others. An example of this, is they will read deeply in non school contexts like magazines, texts, e-mails, computer games but, won’t read text books, novels or informational books.

Apathetic Readers: These readers are low when it comes to being intrinsically motivated to read and they are also low on avoiding reading because they will read if they are threatened with failing grades, or suspension and reading is still boring to them.(Smith, Wilhelm, 2002)

Averse Readers: This group does not want to read anything at all.

Information came from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Journal of Literacy research 2009 Jul 1



Why I love reading!

Why I Love Reading

You know how people have different things they do to “escape”? Well, reading is my version of escaping.  I like to read anytime; when I’m feeling happy, or down, or just simply want to be alone.  I love reading because when reading different books it gives me different points of views on how the characters in books deal with life. Some of the books I can completely relate to and other books are so cliche but, I read it anyway simply for entertainment. Even when I don’t have any new books to read I may reread my old books or I may even read on my phone! I think reading is great and it definitely helps expand my vocabulary. A couple of my favorite books are Insurgent, The Book Thief, The Maze Runner, and The Enemy are just a few of my favorite books and I highly recommend that if your’e teen then you should check those books out.


By Sabriyah Abdullah, freshman in high school