The Day My Mom Read to My Fourth grade class!

The Day My Mom read to my Fourth Grade class


When my mother and I were on the phone reminiscing about how she would come to my schools as I was growing up to check on me and make sure I was handling my business she casually mentioned how she read a story to my 4th-grade class, I was like “really?” She said, “yes I sure did.” She was like “remember when I didn’t have a car and I rode the school bus with you to school and back” and I said,” yes” (I instantly remembered how I was well behaved on the bus that day) then she said, “your teacher asked me to read a story to the kids since, I  was going to be in the classroom for the whole day.” I was pleasantly surprised because I just recently started a podcast called “I Used To Hate Reading” and one of the things that I mentioned on there was that I never grew up having my parents reading stories to me and I was explaining how this is one of the contributing factors as to why a lot of children grow  up not wanting to read or in most cases hating to read. So, when my mother told me that I instantly felt more empowered and inspired to help all children in particular African-American and Latino children to develop and nurture that love of reading. Even though I didn’t remember my Mom reading to the class, she did, and by her sharing that memory reminded me of how sometimes our children may not remember all of the impactful and positive things that us as parents have done for them but, when the parents remember and they tell those stories to their children especially something so simple but yet so valuable as reading a story to your daughter’s class,  it helps to create a sense of pride and empowerment that is so meaningful and will resonate with that child(grown child) forever. Thank you and love you, Mommy!