Why I love reading!

Why I Love Reading

You know how people have different things they do to “escape”? Well, reading is my version of escaping.  I like to read anytime; when I’m feeling happy, or down, or just simply want to be alone.  I love reading because when reading different books it gives me different points of views on how the characters in books deal with life. Some of the books I can completely relate to and other books are so cliche but, I read it anyway simply for entertainment. Even when I don’t have any new books to read I may reread my old books or I may even read on my phone! I think reading is great and it definitely helps expand my vocabulary. A couple of my favorite books are Insurgent, The Book Thief, The Maze Runner, and The Enemy are just a few of my favorite books and I highly recommend that if your’e teen then you should check those books out.


By Sabriyah Abdullah, freshman in high school



Hi my name Sasha Beckette-Abdullah and I am the owner of ABC LEARN, and the Founder/Director of ABC READ, INC which is a 501c3 tax-deductible non-profit organization. ABC LEARN was started when I began helping my nieces by tutoring them in reading then, I started helping children get prepared for kindergarten in 2009 which involved a lot of getting them reading ready. Finally, I decided in 2013 to go back to my roots and start focusing solely on tutoring children in reading who are in Pre-kindergarten-third grade and helping to motivate children to want to read. It's been so wonderful being able to do something that I love so much while at the same time providing a service that is much needed in our community.

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