Why I Love To Read!

     I have been an avid reader since I can remember. For me, books are an escape from reality that provide a glimpse of another persons view. Through the eyes of the author, readers are able to recreate imagery that not only sparks interest but, provokes thought. I love reading because it requires imagination and contemplation in a way that often requires one to stretch their perceptions. There is nothing tangible and no one can measure or judge your interpretation of each passage. There is only you and your understanding. What you choose to receive from each chapter is paramount. I have found that reading frequently and consistently over the years, has greatly enhanced my communication skills both written and oral. I have also discovered that no matter how many times you read an author’s work, there are always new ideas and nuances to be unveiled. Reading Rocks!

by Veronica Brazil, Entrepreneur, graduate of Howard University and my beautiful, brilliant sister




Hi my name Sasha Beckette-Abdullah and I am the owner of ABC LEARN, and the Founder/Director of ABC READ, INC which is a 501c3 tax-deductible non-profit organization. ABC LEARN was started when I began helping my nieces by tutoring them in reading then, I started helping children get prepared for kindergarten in 2009 which involved a lot of getting them reading ready. Finally, I decided in 2013 to go back to my roots and start focusing solely on tutoring children in reading who are in Pre-kindergarten-third grade and helping to motivate children to want to read. It's been so wonderful being able to do something that I love so much while at the same time providing a service that is much needed in our community.

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